Jesse Hogan

Software Developer

17212 N Scottsdale Rd.
Apt: 2245
Scottsdale, AZ
(480) 745-6116


  • 16 years of solid software development experience.
  • A broad skill-set which allows me to choose the correct solutions and
    technologies to solve problems.
  • Language Expertise: C#, PHP, C, Perl, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Python,
    Bash Shell, AWK, Sed, SQL, JavaScript/HTML/CSS and more.
  • Frameworks: ASP.NET MVC, Doctrine ORM, CSLA, .NET, Hibernate
  • Server Expertise: Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apache, MySQL, Microsoft SQL
    Server, IIS, Subversion, etc…
  • I’ve programmed in many problem domains: ERP, CRM,
    learning management systems (LMS), front-end, back-end
    (multi-tiered, transactional), automated code deployments, B2B
    communication (XML/XSLT/EDI), ActiveRecord ORM development, RDBMS data
    archiving, automated file exchange (FTP/SFTP), shell scripting and
    automated system monitoring
  • I have strong Linux/Unix and Microsoft Windows administration skills as
    well as strong networking skills.
  • I have configuration management experience (source control
    management/administration (Git/Github, Subversion), build management,
    deployment automation (Jenkins), Automated Testing (NUnit, Sikuli ,
  • I’m an object-oriented programmer with a strong emphasis on writing
    highly reusable and highly maintainable code.
  • I work very well independently and on single-person projects. I also
    work well in a team environment. I communicate well, am helpful, and
    keep interested parties informed on the status of my efforts.
  • I am highly self-trainable.
  • I have experience working with overseas clients and developers.
  • I have significant training in AngularJS, Drupal, and Java development.


Software Developer

Glynlyon Inc. 2008 to 2016Chandler, Az

As a WordPress/PHP developer, I built and maintained several public
facing sites. The software was developed using PHP, JavaScript, jQuery,
HTML and CSS. The e-commerce sites used Magento. Other sites used
WordPress in a Pantheon environment. Source code was maintained in
Subversion and Git repositories. I built and maintained a custom
WebService proxy in PHP so the WordPress sites could generate leads in
the Microsoft CRM server.

I was a member of a software development team that develops and
maintains an learning management system (LMS) (grades 3 through 12). The
user interface is written in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. The
business tier is written in PHP with a custom-built MVC framework. It
uses Doctrine as an object-relational mapper to interface with a MySQL

I also supported and developed a similar software product that uses
Microsoft and open source technologies. For back-end operations, we use
SQL Server 2005/2008 accessed through direct ODBC calls and through a
Web Services interface. The business tier is developed in C# and VB.NET.
The front end is chiefly comprised of HTML/CSS, jQuery and WinForms.
Multimedia offerings, such as videos and games, are implemented in Flash
and HTML5. Reports are implemented in Crystal Reports. We use Subversion
and Git for source control.

Working with the Curriculum Development department, I wrote scripts to
automate the file management, validation, correction, reporting, source
control management (Subversion), and deployment (server and CD) of a
vast number of XML files. This is done using Bash, Python, Visual Basic
and C#.

My database administrative activities include creating and maintaining
scripts written in Bash and Python to automate the code-generation of
SQL scripts which perform the task of database schema migrations. I also
maintain a GUI utility which allows tech-support and customers to easily
perform database administrative tasks against production databases.

Software Developer

Direct Alliance Corporation 2001 to 2008 Tempe, Az

I was team-lead of a department which develops, maintains and optimizes
a 3-tiered, internationalized, web-based, telesales ERP system for a
large overseas client. It is a large system with multiple functional
areas including order entry, fulfillment, accounting, account management
and human resources. The system uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP and
ASP.NET for its UI tier. Visual Basic COM DLL’s and C# managed DLL’s in
a COM+ application are used as the business tier. Stored procedures
running on a MS SQL Server database provided the data layer. Microsoft
SQL Server replication is used to maintain a separate database used for
reports implemented with ActiveReports. The system also has a B2B
ordering interface which accepts XML data (through HTTP POST’s) for
order placement. Fulfillment is accomplished by an EDI interface with
suppliers. It fulfills 300-600 orders a day.

I wrote a desktop application to automate the source control management
(CVS and Subversion) and source code deployment of several web and
text-based applications for several different clients. The software also
maintains time metrics on SCM and QA personnel, maintains data related
to the software changes being deployed, and reported on its data in text
or Excel formats. The software was implemented in C# (WinForms). I wrote
an ORM based on CSLA (Business Objects) to automated common CRUD tasks.
I used a MySQL database for data persistence.

I maintained a Perl middleware program in a Linux environment
responsible for file transfers (usually over FTP or SFTP) from servers
in external networks to local servers and visa-versa. The files contain
different type of high priority business data such as database extracts,
TSR call data, EDI data and so on.

I wrote a Perl program to replicate Subversion commit deltas from one
Subversion data store to another to provide a redundant repository in
the case of a failure.

I wrote software to archive sales order records (along with child
records from hundreds of child tables) to an archive database server.
The software is composed of two programs: A C# WinForm application to
configure the archiving process and a daemon program to archive the

I maintained an internal website responsible for managing the
communication between different departments and clients during major
system failures such as a website outage. The system was written in
ASP.NET and used Microsoft SQL Server as a back-ends.

I maintained a Forte3 (ERP) system written in IMS/BASIC in Linux and SCO
UNIX environment for several different clients. The system provide many
business functions such as: accounts receivable/payable, order entry,
fulfillment and so on. The code is managed using a CVS repository.

Database Developer

ITMETRIXX 2000 to 2001 Phoenix, Az

I developed a ticketing system to be utilized from various locations for
Sun Health, Inc., a major corporation with multiple client sites. This
project included use of Microsoft Access interfacing with a MySQL
back-end running on a Linux platform. The system effectively managed
entry of hardware hot swap orders and technical support issues.

I trained end-users and peers in various technical procedures.

Database Application Developer

Inacom 1998 to 2000 Phoenix, Az

Wrote software to manage warehouse inventory and track technical issues.
System was implemented in Microsoft Access.

I wrote a system for Human Resources operations. System was written in
Microsoft Access and used Excel Automation for reporting.

Technical Consultant

Microage 1998 Tempe, Az

I diagnosed connectivity problems for US West ADSL routers in the
technical support department. Performed advanced troubleshooting daily.

I interacted extensively with US West customers to identify issues.

I performed sales activities to secure new business for DSL routers.