Zachary’s First Program

I’m feeling pretty proud today. Last night, while working with my son on his reading and writing skills, he asked if we could do some “vi” instead. Of course, I said okay to that. So we got a command prompt going and I told him to enter vi. I said, “Why don’t we write a program?”. He got excited and I walked him through a simple conditional branch. This is what he typed.

if 2==1 :
    print 'uiioo9kooio;iplko[fp;-[k;kjifkfjkjfjjjhgffjvvhjvjv8vhvhvhhhvv bh  h h fyvr7ryzachary'

After explaining what it all meant, he thought it would print the text. He didn’t quite have the concept of equality down. Once I explained it to him, he change the 2 to a 1 and was happy to finally have it all done.

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